Learn Japanese with Teacher Jane

Teacher Jane has been teaching English in Vancouver for over 30 years. Instead of studying formal English in Japanese classes, Jane will guide you through practical conversation training so that you can have natural conversations with native speakers!

Start learning now by reading her Japanese blog. It includes podcasts, written articles, and lots more.

Let’s learn English naturally while having fun together!

Services Provided at ETC

Basic Resume Building

  • Create a resume from scratch or edit current resume 

  • Make the resume relevant to the industry or industries you are applying for 

  • Help craft a compelling opening summary or objective that is clear and concise 

  • Ensure the resume is easy to read and stands out 

  • Highlight and/or add key accomplishments and skills 

  • Choose an appropriate layout and tone for your resume

  • Pick a design/layout that is fitting to the industry you are in while also complimenting your experience and personality

Targeted Resume Building

  • Create a targeted resume from scratch or edit current resume to reflect the position you are applying for

  • How to include the right specific and relevant information for the position you are applying for 

  • Address a given opportunity, making it easy to see how your qualifications are a close match to a job’s requirements

  • Use powerful words to persuade a potential interviewer you are a fit 

  • Use clean design that attract interest

  • Play up strengths and downplay any factor that undermines your chance for an interview