All ETC English Training classes focus on pronunciation, correct sentence structure, grammar and for learners to speak naturally with fluency and confidence in all types of situations.
We offer a variety of video chat platforms to choose from including Zoom and Skype.
Certificates recognizing English level are available after taking 40 classes.

Conversational English Classes

Conversation section starts from beginner learner all the way to advance level. In this class our focus is pronunciation, fluency, correcting sentence structure, increasing common vocabulary, expressions and idioms, practicing to explain learner’s thoughts and ideas with natural communication.

English Language Classes

Our teachers provide years of experience in training students with ETC customized material for IELTS (General/Academic), CELPIP, TOEFL, TOEIC, and ALL English proficiency exams. Students learn how to improve their scores in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Business English Classes

Students learn to compose and write professional emails, write business letters, how to have natural telephone conversation, and how to explain oneself clearly and professionally in a proper and assertive manner by having confidence in any professional situation.

ETC Corporate English Program

This program is exceptionally beneficial for any business having an International setting with employees who don’t speak English as a first language. English Training programs provide the tools necessary using specific ETC material and course methods in building strong, cohesive teams and work relationships. Our goal is to achieve a higher level of English communication and bring it to the next level with smooth interactions and a common ground for both customers and employees. 

Business Communication

Using standard business expressions in written communication, ETC has created templates that use specific expressions for different circumstances.

Expressing thoughts, getting clarity and asking questions in an assertive but professional manner.

Recognizing and understanding the unspoken communication of business culture, where the meaning behind a sentence may not be clear from the sentence itself. This is taught through role playing conversations in business situations.

General Communication

Building vocabulary and conversational idioms and expressions. How to use these smoothly in conversation.

Building confidence to share thoughts and ideas one may have.

Using a variety of life situations with role playing to build expressions, confidence and cultural training.

Pronunciation Course

Focus and hone in on specific sounds with which each culture has challenges.

Linking words and sentences.